System overview Logistics

The primary objective of the Logistics system is to make sure that the necessary quantities of products and materials will be supplied in time, as well as to ensure the smooth and timely implementation of logistics processes in the company:

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of demand and supply


of contractor relations


of supply and dispatch


of inventories and warehousing

Modules Logistics

The Logistics system features the following modules:

    • helps to organize and execute planned dispatch to clients
    • makes it possible to organize and control the implementation of warehousing operations
    • provides real-time information about item availability
    • option to define storage locations
    • inventories and scrap reporting
    • reporting of data on warehousing operations submitted by external devices and systems, through built-in support of barcode and RFID-readers and a universal interface
      • production and supply planning
    • managing and tracking relationships with suppliers: order – delivery – payment
    • control of payables for purchases
    • organization and maintenance of up-to-date nomenclatures: suppliers, purchase price lists
      • The built-in barcode control module makes it possible for the execution of both incoming and outgoing warehouse orders to be performed via a barcode reader.

        Using the module has minimal requirements – just a computer connected with a barcode reader. In contrast, its positive impact on the work and control in the warehouse is tremendous – employees save time and are shielded from mistakes, because the system sends an alert in case of any discrepancy between the physically scanned product and the one set for execution in the document.

        Barcode control in the warehouse leads to:

        • increased efficiency of warehouse employees
        • much speedier process of goods delivery and shipping, while also reducing the risk of errors by triggering an audio and visual alarm any time a mistake in quantities or goods is detected.
        • keeping item availability up-to-date in the system

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