Mobile Seller

Introducing Mobile seller

Mobile application for ЕxVan sales

Mobile Seller is an Android application through which ex-van sales, order collection and support of an unlimited number of products can be performed via smartphone or tablet.

Through Mobile Seller, employees have access to up-to-date information anywhere, anytime, as the application is fully synchronized with and data is automatically transferred and updated between the two solutions.

Benefits of

Mobile Seller


increasing employee efficiency and reducing errors


fast registration and processing of sales orders based on access to up-to-date data on customer conditions and inventory


optimizing customer relationships

  • ExVan sales
  • collection of orders (Pre-sales collection), which are then processed centrally
  • having access to a summary or detailed sales report, track inventory, creating documents for direct sales or orders
  • reserving special prices for different customers
  • setting discount prices for a given period
  • setting discounts for customers according to product groups or quantity discounts
  • printing documents on a mobile printer
  • issuing invoices
  • tracking current receivables from customers, recording payments
  • working in real time with

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