ERP implementation

The implementation of an ERP class business management system requires considerable time and care from both the customer and the implementers. is implemented according to a specially developed methodology, which has been continuously developed and improved for more than 15 years and has been used in over 100 implementations.

Methodology Goals

To Reduce the costs for ERP system implementation for customers, and to shorten the turnaround time

Guarantee a high quality implementation and customer satisfaction with the implemented product

"The use of the methodology ensures easy, fast and efficient implementation of, while ensuring quality implementation of all phases of implementation and compliance with project deadlines."

Stefan Nikolov
Manager of ITC Consult

Process and success factors

The process of implementing an ERP system must take place in a way that leads to optimization of business processes and achieving competitive advantages for the company. 

Achieving these goals requires:

  • proper coordination of the term, scope and budget for project implementation
  • clearly defining and respecting the roles and responsibilities of the participants in the implementation

The main factors for successful implementation are:

  • support from the company's management
  • active participation of the chief accountant
  • the implementation team should not change during the implementation
  • allocation of the necessary time by the participants
  • key users to be aware of the processes in the company
  • key users to have the power to change processes

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