Support and optimization

Once the effective use of EnterpriseOne has begun, the system implementation project enters the support and optimization phase.

The support is intended to optimize the actual operation of the system, which relates to:

  • adjustments in the business method in case of changes to the business model
  • ongoing assistance with operational problems
  • expanding the original functionality
  • updates to the demo version

Communication and assistance

Communication is essential for effective support:

  • meetings with users for updates on the system's current progress and analysis of the need for modifications
  • remote support – quick response to received signals from customers about current problems in the work process or desired changes in existing functionality
  • subscription support – meets the need for assistance with operational issues in a well functioning system

All registered issues and problems are analyzed and processed in a timely manner, making stop problems a priority. Every customer receives competent assistance so that working with the system will be:

  • intuitive, easy and user-friendly
  • in accordance with business processes
  • free of unauthorized interruptions

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