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What is Microsoft Power BI? 

Power BI is a cloud analytics service that offers you a 360-degree view of your business. Through the Desktop, Service and Mobile solutions, you can extract your important information from the data and visualize it in the most convenient and engaging way possible. With the help of interactive visualizations you can make your business analysis fast and efficient. You can have access to the right data at the right time on any device. Share the visualisations you create and work with others.


Power BI gives you more

Ready to work

built-in dashboards and reports for popular SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions


real-time dashboard and reports updates


secure access to your data sources, locally or on the cloud

Artificial intelligence

intuitive data analysis via "NLQ (Natural Language Query)"


integration with your familiar Microsoft products in Azure


each member of the team can create their own reports

Power BI Desktop

An application for your computer, which can connect you to various data sources (local files, databases, Azure, online services, etc.) and provide an effective and detailed visualization.

The purpose of the application is to direct users to their interactive report in the fastest and most convenient way. 

Power BI Service

A simple and intuitive way to display data through a browser. Consumers' involvement is limited to the use of the so-called "building blocks" (data sets, reports and dashboards). 

Interactive references and reports can be created, reviewed and updated. Data can be visualized in the most convenient and easy way for you, using the built-in visualization types. 

Design your boards and include any key references, graphs and reports for your position.

  • simplified linking of data from various sources
  • opportunity for faster and more insightful business decisions
  • a comprehensive and consolidated view of key information, no matter where the data is stored
  • an option for sharing within the team

Power BI Mobile

The mobile aspect of the service that you can use on your phone or tablet.

The mobile application includes features specifically designed for convenient and interactive visualization of reports on a mobile device.

  • use the "favorite" function for important visualizations
  • configure reminders to remind you of critical business KPIs
  • use the phone-friendly layout
  • scan a barcode and use it to open a specific view or report

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