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Adaptive Defense is a revolutionary new security model that ensures complete protection for devices, computers, and servers by classifying 100% of the processes running on the computer and blocking executable files.

Adaptive Defense 360

is the first cyber security service of its kind that combines the most effective features of traditional antivirus solutions and advanced protection with the ability to classify all executable processes.


The volume of malicious code is growing at a very fast pace on a daily basis (over 200,000 new threats every day) and is becoming more difficult to detect by traditional antivirus solutions. The reality of that, combined with increasingly complex corporate networks and the challenges facing IT departments, allows hackers to break into corporate networks, making a huge amount of threats to go unnoticed for a long time. Traditional antivirus solutions are not enough because they can only process so many definitions and cannot integrate protection at the level of target attacks and executable files (crypto viruses). They only use strategies based on antivirus definitions and heuristic algorithms.

THE SOLUTION: The advanced reporting tool of Panda Security

It automates the storage and links between information received from the Adaptive Defense 360, emphasizing on processes running on all devices. Through the information received, the tool automatically investigates and provides tools to specify attacks, attempted attacks, non-standard program behavior, regardless of origin, and detects internal abuses in the corporate network.

The advanced reporting tool provides the collected information + tips how to manage corporate IT security. They can be used to create an action plan focusing on:

  • Determining the origin of the dangers and implementing measures to prevent future attacks;
  • Adoption of additional restrictive policies on access to information sensitive to the organization;
  • Monitoring and control of misuse of internal data and resources;
  • Measures for increasing the productivity of employees who fail to comply with the established rules;

Find relevant information:

  • Transparency and efficiency of the IT department;
  • Chronological access to information to analyze corporate security-related resources, as well as consumption indicators.
  • Comprehensive information to identify security risks as well as internal misuse of IT resources;

Control access to important business information:

  • Shows access to confidential information and files, as well as their leakage from the IT network;
  • Shows the parties that receive the most requests from your network;
  • Shows the most frequently accessed and launched files by users;
  • Shows which users have accessed specific computers on the network;
  • History of the information sent over the network in the last year;

Save money:

  • Optimal policies to reduce costs;
  • Discover business and non-business programs used within the network;
  • Monitor the licenses used by the programs;
  • Shows applications with the most used network resources;
  • Shows application vulnerabilities running or installed on network devices, to be subject to attack in the future;

Real-time alarms:

Create alarms for various events

  • Default alarms using risk situations;
  • Alarms based on user requests;
  • 7 different methods for their application (on-screen, email, JSON, Service Desk, Jira, Pushovery and PagerDuty);

Learn about the benefits

You know at all times which applications are running on computers and which ones are vulnerable

You have 100% visibility over applications with access to your corporate information and confidential data that may become a victim of malicious code

Find out which computers and consumers pose a risk to your organization

Prevent targeted attacks or other attacks revealed by the network audit

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