ERP in the Cloud

Only about a decade ago, investment in business software and ERP-class management systems was associated with extortionate costs that went well beyond the purchase of licenses. For such an investment to be successful, companies would also have to spend on their own data center, backup power supply, several independent ISPs, round-the-clock monitoring and technical support, reliable cooling system, fire safety, automated backup, etc. Simply put – a bunch of expensive stuff and more often than not – an unsatisfactory result in return. At the same time, the prohibitive prices made business management systems a luxury available to few. Since then, the IT sector's development has not only been dynamic, but has also placed a lot of emphasis on improving the quality of the way business is done and IT resources managed. The migration of business to the cloud was a huge milestone in technological transformations. It may have started as only a trend, but it has now turned into an absolute must-have for businesses. This becomes evident from the ever-growing interest in cloud solutions, the escalating outlay on cloud services, as well as the increasing variety of available cloud services. Globally, SaaS (Software-As-a-Service) make up a major share of the cloud services. The SaaS model makes it possible to rent software, including CRM and ERP systems. This way customers can access the system entirely online – any time, any place. It is quick and easy, with content up-to-date and at an affordable price. Thus, you will be spared the hassle of physically securing your database, and having to spend a fortune on licenses (which, by the way, only entitle you to using the system over a given period of time, but not the right of permanent ownership). Bulgarian business is also showing significant and growing interest in SaaS offerings. According to recent studies, in 2015, the implementation of cloud services made it, for the first time, in the Top 10 Technological Priorities of Bulgarian companies. These global and national trends are a natural prerequisite and incentive for EnterpriseOne® ERP to take its development to the next level and become available exclusively as a SaaS. This will highlight the improvement of system quality and enhancing customer service. EnterpriseOne® Online is a much more secure, flexible and affordable ERP solution, providing a 24-hour access to company resources from any spot connected to the Internet. EnterpriseOne® Online emphasizes data security, flexibility in configuring the required functionality, eliminating hardware maintenance costs and redundant licenses, constant software updates, mobility and convenient access to information at all times. Customers pay only for what they actually use, while getting a higher return on investment than any on-premise installation. Thus, EnterpriseOne® Online brings a high-class ERP solution to the market, and its implementation and use lead to increased business quality and productivity, at minimal costs.