System overview

Customer Relationship Management CRM

With CRM you can organize, automate and analyze all business processes related to marketing, sales, customers, prospects, opportunities, service and support of current and prospective customers. The module provides an overview of the activities of the sales and marketing department. Being fully integrated with the other modules in the system, it gives users quick access to all available information relevant to the client: meetings and telephone calls, agreed prices, sent quotes, shipped and invoiced goods, unpaid and overdue debts, etc.

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employee efficiency


the average new request processing time


to an increase in loyal customers

Keeps track of

customer feedback on the products used


retailers in meeting customer expectations

Keeps track of

the effectiveness of marketing campaigns


and controls the activities in the marketing department


the full sales cycle


prospective customers and deals

Modules CRM

Provides management with a comprehensive view of the activities of the sales and marketing departments, effective allocation of tasks and evaluation of their implementation, tracking of marketing campaigns and distribution channels. The CRM system provides access to real-time customer information organized in the following modules:

    • recording and tracking the implementation of closed sales: shipping, invoicing, payment;
    • control and analysis of financial relationships with clients: receivables from customers, payments from customers, margin analysis;
    • visibility and evaluation of granted trade preferences: price lists, discounts, promotional packages;
    • organization and maintenance of up-to-date nomenclatures: customers, traders, dealers
    • convenient features for sales invoicing and tracking of uninvoiced items
    • analysis of invoiced sales
      • organization and structuring of product nomenclature
      • tracking product variants
    • The product configurator is a unique tool, extremely convenient and effective for all companies with ETO (Engineering to order) type of production.

      The configurator makes it possible for production companies to fulfil all requirements of their customers by providing them with a product with the desired functions and complexity in a short time and at an optimal price.

      The product configurator provides opportunities for:

      • quick creation / configuration of new products based on input data
      • automation of the trade – development – production connection
      • optimization of the production schedule and fast entry of new products in production
      • speeding up the trade process: pricing – quote – sale
      • optimization of customer relationships in the implementation of small-scale custom production
      • minimal possibility of human error

      The advantages of working with the product configurator are:

      • easy creation of product ranges of varying complexity based on set product parameters
      • automatic creation of product specification and production technology
      • facilitated planning of production and material resources
      • automatic calculation of production costs and time
      • minimizing operational errors and optimizing communication between departments
      • full integration of the product configurator with the other modules of the system
      • planning, tracking and reporting of specific personal activities
      • maintaining a nomenclature of contractors' contact details
      • planning, forecasting, tracking, evaluation of marketing activities and campaigns
      • defining target groups, bonus programs, product catalogues
      • defining goals of traders, monitoring their implementation
      • analysis and evaluation of business activity
      • defining flexible pricing models with pre-set acquisition costs and planned profit

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